old taxi cab photo

Photo #8: Antique Automobile, a Taxi Cab from the Past!

My fetish with antiques hasn’t waned over the past few days. For today’s photo I’d like to share what I think is a perfect snapshot into our history as a civilization. Notice how this taxi cab is not only so old it’s no longer in use, the flat tires symbolize how much our civilization has changed over the decades.

If the tires were full then it might symbolize our our society is trying to hold onto the past, but that’s not the case. This clearly shows how the past is the past and how times have changed. I shared some other amazing antiques recently so please check those out if you haven’t already. I don’t expect my fascination with old stuff to shift anytime soon, so get used to this.

I think it’s important for younger generations to be reminded of our past, and automotive photos like this one do a great service in reminding our youth of where we all came from and how far we’ve advanced with technology. I hope you enjoyed looking at this photo. Feel free to use it for whatever you want because it’s in the public domain. Thank you.

My Favorite Automotive Vlog in 2020 So Far!

Check out Cereal Marsh mellows! He’s a great automotive vlogger. I love his personality and the information he brings to the table. His vlogs are always interesting if you have a fetish for cars like we do.

He brings his work to the vlog so there’s a narrative to many of the episodes and sometimes the episode has nothing to do with cars or automotive stuff but it’s still interesting if you can relate to the life of an automotive expert in 2020. I feel like I’m this guys friend as be brings me into his life.

old auto shop

Photo #6: Antique Automotive Shop

I just love this free stock image because it shows the evolution of the mechanic if you compare it to modern automotive shops. You see the old car and the old steering wheels hanging up and you know the guy who worked here is most likely retired by now. Boy, would it be a pleasure to enter this place in real time and watch how a mechanic from the early 20th century did his job.

Another reason I love this photo is because the car in it is of the kind that inspired my dream car. If you compare the car of my dreams to the one in this image of the old auto shop then you’ll see the similarities. They look very alike and that’s why I’d especially like to go back and time to see this classic auto body garage when they were working on this car. I would sit in the car and smoke a cigarette just to feel like I was in the early 20th century!

Just love it!

my dream car

Photo #2: My Dream Car (+ Bonus Free Image Resource)

I’m not even sure what kind of car this is but out of all the thousands of car images I’ve seen over my lifetime this is the best one. I will have to ask in a forum or something what kind of car this is. If you know, please tell me!

This is yet another free image with no royalties required so you can use this image commercially if you wish. Now I also want to share with you my favorite free stock image site. I’ve seen other sites with more selection but the reason I love pixabay.com is because it’s easy to use and every single photo is good quality and set to a high standard. Other free image sites make you wade through tons and tons of low quality images before you find the good ones, but not this one, so check it out.