old fire stove that still works

Photo #7: Antique Fire Stove, Still Working!

Welcome to the free-to-use photo of an old-fashioned fire stove. Notice how pristine the condition is, as if the person who was using it loved it so much they never saw that it went into disrepair. I would love to cook my dinner on this fire stove, every night!

What’s amazing about this photo is that, unlike our last photo which showed old stuff that was no longer in use, this one shows something just as old but THAT STILL WORKS! Isn’t that amazing? And yet what’s also amazing about it is that this image comes from a friend of ours who, like a different friend of ours, also lives in Texas! We shared a photo from Beaumont a bit ago but this one we’re sharing now comes from a dear viewer in Odessa, TX. Whether or not this stove resides in Odessa or not is unclear but for the sake of what I want to talk about concerning this image I’ll pretend that it does reside in Odessa.

Why is it so Incredible that an Antique Fire Stove in Odessa Still Works and Doesn’t Need Repair Services?

This is the juice of what I want to talk about here. I think it’s just absolutely fantastic and impressive that this stove still works ad is still being used because I can imagine all the repair services it needed over the years. And such niche repair services are probably hard to find, hence my idea of whoever owns it must love it a lot to keep it in great condition like this. I’ve been having a thing for antique stuff lately, and I won’t hide that here. You might be able to tell from my language that I’m very excited about this, perhaps more excited than I should be. And that’s okay. I’m down to get embarrassed from this later because right now I’m fascinated with trying to understand how one might go about getting this old fire stove repaired if it stopped working. I’ve never used one of these before but from looking at it it seems it might be very hard to break. If it only runs by fire and needs no electricity than the kind of repairs it might need are something that a modern appliance technician might have no experience in, like welding and metal works. If it needed restoration would you call an appliance repair company or would you search for local antique experts in your area?

I’m trying to understand this because now I’m thinking about buying a stove just like this. If I lived in Odessa and had this stove and needed repair services, I might look at local appliance repair companies but I doubt they’d know how to fix this thing. Let’s see what their websites say. Take this one for example: https://appliancerepairodessa.com/ On their “stove/oven repair” page they say “we will get your stove back to its full working order” but they don’t mention anything about antique stoves or even gas stoves for that matter, let alone fire stoves. Perhaps other sites have more details about this and I’m just overreacting but this example does help to prove my point about how incredible it is to see an old fire stove working when one of the top appliance repair companies in the area doesn’t even repair them.

It might be that after looking back at this image years from now I will have learned more about them and my fascination will have resided. But for now I’m just going to enjoy it! Hope you enjoy it too!