Photo #9: Cartoon Appliance Repair Technician

We’ve shared a lot of lovely photos on, a lot of them to do with automotive stuff, but never have we shared a cartoon! Now that our first cartoon installment is underway, I’m excited and I can’t wait to share this one. Yet another public domain image, this cartoon appliance tech is colorful with a unique style of art. Notice how he’s smiling but he has one of those faces that make him look angry all the time. I think that cliche has a point in the real world, as I know many appliance techs that look like that. I wonder what appliance he’s going to repair?

From my experience I can tell that whatever appliance this cartoon is about to repair is something he knows how to do here on the spot, because a good appliance repair tech would never bring his toolbox into a client’s house until he know’s what the problem is and how to fix it. Otherwise it’s useless luggage, although a flashlight can often be your best friend when assessing a problem. That goes for car mechanics too.

I just couldn’t wait to share this image because I know a lot of guys in the industry will get a chuckle from it. Does it remind you of a coworker, too? Ha ha, I bet it does. He almost looks like he could be fitting enough to work in this CGI kitchen. But not quite. I would love to watch an animated cartoon of this guy. I bet it would be a funny show, like the Simpsons or something.

If you could suddenly turn our world into whatever world this guy came from, would you do it? Doing so might be a nice change from today’s drama, as I bet his world would be rather wacky and non-serious. I would at least like to go and check it out and take notes. Might learn something awesome about fixing appliances.

Either way, I always wanted to go into a cartoon world. I don’t mean do anything illegal to get there but just like something magical, like Peter Pan. I really got to get into drawing again or reading comic books because I used to fantasize about this stuff ever since I watched Disney movies as a kid. Disney movies nowadays are good but not like they used to be. I even loved the girly ones because of all the cute animals. Anyways, how did we get here? I digress at times, but we were talking about a cartoon after all, so forgive me.

This cartoon is really impressive because I think whoever drew it knew a lot about the appliance repair industry but he didn’t let that make it too realistic. It’s a good symbol for us all. He could also be a mechanic by judging how big that wrench is, but I think he looks like someone who could work for Fort Worth Appliance Repair or something. Ha ha! Doesn’t he look like he’s from Fort Worth? Only a few of my readers are going to get that joke, but that’s fine. If you don’t get it then I probably shouldn’t explain because you might not find it funny anyways.

Wow, I never knew I would have so much to say about one photo. I think now I can testify that a photo is worth unlimited words because if someone paid me I bet I could talk about this cartoon forever. It just brings out the humor in me, and makes me want to be more jolly while I’m at work, like I’m Santa Claus or something. This guy kind of reminds me of Santa Claus a bit. I bet they have similar personalities. Well, this is what you came here folks–not only cool images related to appliances and the automotive industry but long-winded tangents about them too! This one I enjoyed a lot because it was our first cartoon, and I look forward to sharing more of these soon. There’s a lot of them out there.

So stay tuned!