Photo #11: The American Explosion

I call this photo “The American Explosion” because, physically, it shows a bomb exploding behind the Statue of Liberty and, metaphorically, it shows what the American people are willing to go through–explosions–in order to protect their liberty. At least that’s what I see when I look at this photo. The lighting really shows the deadliness of the fire and the way the statue looms in the daunting light shows liberty at peril and a story can be written from looking at this photo alone.

Not many people grow to appreciate the liberty we have here in the USA and I hope this photo helps certain people reflect on why we should be grateful to be able to walk outside and speak our minds. Of course, being respectful of sensitive topics is part of what I use my liberty for. I don’t want to use my liberty to hurt anyone. I want to share my right of free speech to help people. And that’s the power I feel when I stare at this amazing image.

PS, I put it in the “Nature” category because I believe everything us animals known as humans do is part of nature.