Photo #10: Random

Random! Random! Random! That’s the best word to describe today for me. Wow, what a Monday. More on how my day was random in a bit. Now, I just want to explain why today’s photo is random. Today’s post is a little special, with the 10th anniversary of sharing photos, so to speak. And so, since today was so special, even more special than our first cartoon, I wanted to share something special. But I couldn’t think of anything… My mind has been hazy lately but I can usually think of something. Well, since I couldn’t think of anything I let “random” choose for me and here we are.

When searching for photos, I typed “random” and this the favorite image I found. This image shows old school printing blocks scattered in a random mess with no pattern. The image alone is a perfect symbol for randomness and that’s why I loved it.

Why Was Today So Random For Me?

I first noticed how random my day was going when I woke up to find that my cat’s butt was in my face. That never happened before. Then, when I was brushing my teeth a fly landed on my head. There’s usually no flies in my house, especially my bathroom where I keep things most clean. Anyways… the next random thing in my day was only 5 minutes later when a bird landed on my window sill, a little songbird, and started singing me a beautiful tune until it pooped and flew away. I swear the little critter was staring right into my eyes the whole time.

Next, I got a knock on the door around noon. It was a mailman looking for my neighbor. I said it wasn’t the right address but I said I could give it to the right person for them. So, there I was delivering the mail when I came to the door and saw it wide open with nothing inside. My neighbor had moved secretly, and I have her mail! I’ll keep it till I hear word of her. I think I have her email sitting around somewhere. Oh well.

That pretty much leads me up to now with my random post. I wonder what will happen next in my day!