Photo #11: The American Explosion

I call this photo “The American Explosion” because, physically, it shows a bomb exploding behind the Statue of Liberty and, metaphorically, it shows what the American people are willing to go through–explosions–in order to protect their liberty. At least that’s what I see when I look at this photo. The lighting really shows the deadliness of the fire and the way the statue looms in the daunting light shows liberty at peril and a story can be written from looking at this photo alone.

Not many people grow to appreciate the liberty we have here in the USA and I hope this photo helps certain people reflect on why we should be grateful to be able to walk outside and speak our minds. Of course, being respectful of sensitive topics is part of what I use my liberty for. I don’t want to use my liberty to hurt anyone. I want to share my right of free speech to help people. And that’s the power I feel when I stare at this amazing image.

PS, I put it in the “Nature” category because I believe everything us animals known as humans do is part of nature.


Photo #10: Random

Random! Random! Random! That’s the best word to describe today for me. Wow, what a Monday. More on how my day was random in a bit. Now, I just want to explain why today’s photo is random. Today’s post is a little special, with the 10th anniversary of sharing photos, so to speak. And so, since today was so special, even more special than our first cartoon, I wanted to share something special. But I couldn’t think of anything… My mind has been hazy lately but I can usually think of something. Well, since I couldn’t think of anything I let “random” choose for me and here we are.

When searching for photos, I typed “random” and this the favorite image I found. This image shows old school printing blocks scattered in a random mess with no pattern. The image alone is a perfect symbol for randomness and that’s why I loved it.

Why Was Today So Random For Me?

I first noticed how random my day was going when I woke up to find that my cat’s butt was in my face. That never happened before. Then, when I was brushing my teeth a fly landed on my head. There’s usually no flies in my house, especially my bathroom where I keep things most clean. Anyways… the next random thing in my day was only 5 minutes later when a bird landed on my window sill, a little songbird, and started singing me a beautiful tune until it pooped and flew away. I swear the little critter was staring right into my eyes the whole time.

Next, I got a knock on the door around noon. It was a mailman looking for my neighbor. I said it wasn’t the right address but I said I could give it to the right person for them. So, there I was delivering the mail when I came to the door and saw it wide open with nothing inside. My neighbor had moved secretly, and I have her mail! I’ll keep it till I hear word of her. I think I have her email sitting around somewhere. Oh well.

That pretty much leads me up to now with my random post. I wonder what will happen next in my day!


Photo #9: Cartoon Appliance Repair Technician

We’ve shared a lot of lovely photos on, a lot of them to do with automotive stuff, but never have we shared a cartoon! Now that our first cartoon installment is underway, I’m excited and I can’t wait to share this one. Yet another public domain image, this cartoon appliance tech is colorful with a unique style of art. Notice how he’s smiling but he has one of those faces that make him look angry all the time. I think that cliche has a point in the real world, as I know many appliance techs that look like that. I wonder what appliance he’s going to repair?

From my experience I can tell that whatever appliance this cartoon is about to repair is something he knows how to do here on the spot, because a good appliance repair tech would never bring his toolbox into a client’s house until he know’s what the problem is and how to fix it. Otherwise it’s useless luggage, although a flashlight can often be your best friend when assessing a problem. That goes for car mechanics too.

I just couldn’t wait to share this image because I know a lot of guys in the industry will get a chuckle from it. Does it remind you of a coworker, too? Ha ha, I bet it does. He almost looks like he could be fitting enough to work in this CGI kitchen. But not quite. I would love to watch an animated cartoon of this guy. I bet it would be a funny show, like the Simpsons or something.

If you could suddenly turn our world into whatever world this guy came from, would you do it? Doing so might be a nice change from today’s drama, as I bet his world would be rather wacky and non-serious. I would at least like to go and check it out and take notes. Might learn something awesome about fixing appliances.

Either way, I always wanted to go into a cartoon world. I don’t mean do anything illegal to get there but just like something magical, like Peter Pan. I really got to get into drawing again or reading comic books because I used to fantasize about this stuff ever since I watched Disney movies as a kid. Disney movies nowadays are good but not like they used to be. I even loved the girly ones because of all the cute animals. Anyways, how did we get here? I digress at times, but we were talking about a cartoon after all, so forgive me.

This cartoon is really impressive because I think whoever drew it knew a lot about the appliance repair industry but he didn’t let that make it too realistic. It’s a good symbol for us all. He could also be a mechanic by judging how big that wrench is, but I think he looks like someone who could work for Fort Worth Appliance Repair or something. Ha ha! Doesn’t he look like he’s from Fort Worth? Only a few of my readers are going to get that joke, but that’s fine. If you don’t get it then I probably shouldn’t explain because you might not find it funny anyways.

Wow, I never knew I would have so much to say about one photo. I think now I can testify that a photo is worth unlimited words because if someone paid me I bet I could talk about this cartoon forever. It just brings out the humor in me, and makes me want to be more jolly while I’m at work, like I’m Santa Claus or something. This guy kind of reminds me of Santa Claus a bit. I bet they have similar personalities. Well, this is what you came here folks–not only cool images related to appliances and the automotive industry but long-winded tangents about them too! This one I enjoyed a lot because it was our first cartoon, and I look forward to sharing more of these soon. There’s a lot of them out there.

So stay tuned!

old taxi cab photo

Photo #8: Antique Automobile, a Taxi Cab from the Past!

My fetish with antiques hasn’t waned over the past few days. For today’s photo I’d like to share what I think is a perfect snapshot into our history as a civilization. Notice how this taxi cab is not only so old it’s no longer in use, the flat tires symbolize how much our civilization has changed over the decades.

If the tires were full then it might symbolize our our society is trying to hold onto the past, but that’s not the case. This clearly shows how the past is the past and how times have changed. I shared some other amazing antiques recently so please check those out if you haven’t already. I don’t expect my fascination with old stuff to shift anytime soon, so get used to this.

I think it’s important for younger generations to be reminded of our past, and automotive photos like this one do a great service in reminding our youth of where we all came from and how far we’ve advanced with technology. I hope you enjoyed looking at this photo. Feel free to use it for whatever you want because it’s in the public domain. Thank you.

My Favorite Automotive Vlog in 2020 So Far!

Check out Cereal Marsh mellows! He’s a great automotive vlogger. I love his personality and the information he brings to the table. His vlogs are always interesting if you have a fetish for cars like we do.

He brings his work to the vlog so there’s a narrative to many of the episodes and sometimes the episode has nothing to do with cars or automotive stuff but it’s still interesting if you can relate to the life of an automotive expert in 2020. I feel like I’m this guys friend as be brings me into his life.

old fire stove that still works

Photo #7: Antique Fire Stove, Still Working!

Welcome to the free-to-use photo of an old-fashioned fire stove. Notice how pristine the condition is, as if the person who was using it loved it so much they never saw that it went into disrepair. I would love to cook my dinner on this fire stove, every night!

What’s amazing about this photo is that, unlike our last photo which showed old stuff that was no longer in use, this one shows something just as old but THAT STILL WORKS! Isn’t that amazing? And yet what’s also amazing about it is that this image comes from a friend of ours who, like a different friend of ours, also lives in Texas! We shared a photo from Beaumont a bit ago but this one we’re sharing now comes from a dear viewer in Odessa, TX. Whether or not this stove resides in Odessa or not is unclear but for the sake of what I want to talk about concerning this image I’ll pretend that it does reside in Odessa.

Why is it so Incredible that an Antique Fire Stove in Odessa Still Works and Doesn’t Need Repair Services?

This is the juice of what I want to talk about here. I think it’s just absolutely fantastic and impressive that this stove still works ad is still being used because I can imagine all the repair services it needed over the years. And such niche repair services are probably hard to find, hence my idea of whoever owns it must love it a lot to keep it in great condition like this. I’ve been having a thing for antique stuff lately, and I won’t hide that here. You might be able to tell from my language that I’m very excited about this, perhaps more excited than I should be. And that’s okay. I’m down to get embarrassed from this later because right now I’m fascinated with trying to understand how one might go about getting this old fire stove repaired if it stopped working. I’ve never used one of these before but from looking at it it seems it might be very hard to break. If it only runs by fire and needs no electricity than the kind of repairs it might need are something that a modern appliance technician might have no experience in, like welding and metal works. If it needed restoration would you call an appliance repair company or would you search for local antique experts in your area?

I’m trying to understand this because now I’m thinking about buying a stove just like this. If I lived in Odessa and had this stove and needed repair services, I might look at local appliance repair companies but I doubt they’d know how to fix this thing. Let’s see what their websites say. Take this one for example: On their “stove/oven repair” page they say “we will get your stove back to its full working order” but they don’t mention anything about antique stoves or even gas stoves for that matter, let alone fire stoves. Perhaps other sites have more details about this and I’m just overreacting but this example does help to prove my point about how incredible it is to see an old fire stove working when one of the top appliance repair companies in the area doesn’t even repair them.

It might be that after looking back at this image years from now I will have learned more about them and my fascination will have resided. But for now I’m just going to enjoy it! Hope you enjoy it too!

old auto shop

Photo #6: Antique Automotive Shop

I just love this free stock image because it shows the evolution of the mechanic if you compare it to modern automotive shops. You see the old car and the old steering wheels hanging up and you know the guy who worked here is most likely retired by now. Boy, would it be a pleasure to enter this place in real time and watch how a mechanic from the early 20th century did his job.

Another reason I love this photo is because the car in it is of the kind that inspired my dream car. If you compare the car of my dreams to the one in this image of the old auto shop then you’ll see the similarities. They look very alike and that’s why I’d especially like to go back and time to see this classic auto body garage when they were working on this car. I would sit in the car and smoke a cigarette just to feel like I was in the early 20th century!

Just love it!

domestic home

Photo #5: Computer Generated Family Kitchen

This image might remind you of something from The Sims video game because of its idealistic perfection of what the domestic, family kitchen of the home should look like, with all its brand new appliances and working faucets, but we think it’s quite romantic for more than just that reason. There’s nothing wrong with having a dreamy, idyllic view of what a Western family kitchen should look like. It creates a standard that motivates people to do better in the household for the ones they care about. And this computer generated image really sets a reasonable standard as it’s not too remarkable. After all, we could argue it’s not as idyllic as the live action perfect domestic kitchen image we shared a while back.

Yet another free stock image for you to use, this computer generated family kitchen is a great reminder of what is possible in the modern home if we work towards beauty and comfort.

beaumont texas

Photo #4: Flood in Beaumont, Texas, USA (2017)

A few days ago I started asking friends if they had any cool photos I could use for this blog and I already got some fabulous submissions. This photo is one of those submissions, labeled as safe to re-use. My friend from Beaumont, TX who remembers vividly the hurricane that struck in 2017 feels something disturbing inside when he sees this image. The funny thing is he works for a company doing appliance repair beaumont services and repairs dishwashers and washing machines for living. So he told me that every time he sees a wave of water on the floor while fixing a leaking dishwasher he remembers this event. Must be scary!

I thought this was a fitting photo for our appliance and automotive photo blog because it has a vehicle in it. What do you think of this photo? Does it bring back memories of natural disasters or show the beauty and power of mother nature? For me it does the latter.

When I look at this photo I see the might of nature and it reminds me how much humankind is dependent on the Earth’s mercy to keep us safe. This flood is nothing like the Biblical Flood that sunk Atlantis and gave Noah’s Arch its purpose, but it’s a testimony to nature’s shrewd politics nonetheless.

I hope you enjoy looking at it as much as I do, and feel free to re-use it for your projects! Don’t forget to check out our other photos and stay tuned for more!

dishwasher water

Photo #3: Water Drop from Dishwasher

Today I have this lovely free to use photo of the beauty of water. This water formation was created within a dishwasher, taken by a very skilled photographer. Who knew dishwashers could make beauty like this?