beaumont texas

Photo #4: Flood in Beaumont, Texas, USA (2017)

A few days ago I started asking friends if they had any cool photos I could use for this blog and I already got some fabulous submissions. This photo is one of those submissions, labeled as safe to re-use. My friend from Beaumont, TX who remembers vividly the hurricane that struck in 2017 feels something disturbing inside when he sees this image. The funny thing is he works for a company doing appliance repair beaumont services and repairs dishwashers and washing machines for living. So he told me that every time he sees a wave of water on the floor while fixing a leaking dishwasher he remembers this event. Must be scary!

I thought this was a fitting photo for our appliance and automotive photo blog because it has a vehicle in it. What do you think of this photo? Does it bring back memories of natural disasters or show the beauty and power of mother nature? For me it does the latter.

When I look at this photo I see the might of nature and it reminds me how much humankind is dependent on the Earth’s mercy to keep us safe. This flood is nothing like the Biblical Flood that sunk Atlantis and gave Noah’s Arch its purpose, but it’s a testimony to nature’s shrewd politics nonetheless.

I hope you enjoy looking at it as much as I do, and feel free to re-use it for your projects! Don’t forget to check out our other photos and stay tuned for more!

dishwasher water

Photo #3: Water Drop from Dishwasher

Today I have this lovely free to use photo of the beauty of water. This water formation was created within a dishwasher, taken by a very skilled photographer. Who knew dishwashers could make beauty like this?

my dream car

Photo #2: My Dream Car (+ Bonus Free Image Resource)

I’m not even sure what kind of car this is but out of all the thousands of car images I’ve seen over my lifetime this is the best one. I will have to ask in a forum or something what kind of car this is. If you know, please tell me!

This is yet another free image with no royalties required so you can use this image commercially if you wish. Now I also want to share with you my favorite free stock image site. I’ve seen other sites with more selection but the reason I love is because it’s easy to use and every single photo is good quality and set to a high standard. Other free image sites make you wade through tons and tons of low quality images before you find the good ones, but not this one, so check it out.


Photo #1: The Perfect Domestic Kitchen

This is a stock photo free to use. We love it because it speaks volumes about life in family kitchen, without having a family in it. As you can see it’s really clean in that kitchen. I wish my kitchen was that clean!

If you like collecting free images about appliances, automotive parts and suchlike, stay tuned on our photo blog. Have a good evening!